Loyalty Checks

Loyalty is everything in any relationship whether personal or professional. If the people you trust are not loyal to you, it can make your life difficult on every front. There may be cases when you’re not sure about loyalty of someone, so you want professionals to help you with concrete evidence and make the next move.

As a President of India award winning agency, Sleuths India is not only familiar with the cases of cheating but can also help clients with an in-depth investigation. Our team has done loyalty check in a variety of cases for individuals as well as for corporate clients for cases including extra-marital affair, divorce, romantic link ups, passing information to competitors, and so on.

Whether you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, or your partner is disloyal to you, or someone you trust is engaged elsewhere or you doubt the integrity of your employee, we can always help in such cases by conducting a thorough loyalty check and providing sufficient proof of the same.

Types of Loyalty check services offered by Sleuths India

  • Loyalty Test on people indulged in Infidelity

    Our team can help in cases where you suspect your partner, lover, fiancé or spouse is involved in extra-marital affair, adultery or infidelity but you don’t have evidence to back up your suspicion. We regularly do loyalty test on people who have affair and help clients with proper and concrete evidence. To solve such cases, we introduce an undercover agent into the life of your partner with the purpose to check their faithfulness. You can always trust us to bring the type of evidence you need and also prove the type and intensity of the involvement of your partner.

  • Loyalty Test on People Who Don’t Have Affair but Are Susceptible to have It.

    We regularly get cases where our services are hired for loyalty test on people who don’t have affair but are vulnerable to it. This type of investigation is needed in cases where people often have doubt over the character of their partners, so they want us to check whether someone will deceive if given a chance, or given the circumstances. Our team also helps in cases where someone has already cheated their partners in the past but don’t own up to the mistake, so their partners want us check whether these people will cheat again. In such cases, we introduce our undercover agents into the lives of the suspect to check their genuineness and inclination.

  • Loyalty Test in Cases of Gay or Lesbian

    We do loyalty test in cases where people suspect their partner is gay or lesbian and want an investigation to avoid suffering in their married life. Such investigation is needed because sometimes gay or lesbian people marry the straight person to hide their shortcomings from the society. But the problem starts when the reality surfaces. In such cases, we introduce uncover agents to assess their sexual orientation towards gay partner. We follow their partner to check whether he/she is engaged with someone else. Our agent can entice your partner and we will then create evidence for their true sexual orientation.

    Note: We introduce agents in specific cases and only where it’s legal. We don’t do this ever to trap clients or hinder their movements.

  • Loyalty Test of Employees or Business Partner

    We do loyalty test on employees or business partners in cases where either you suspect them of cheating or you know they are vulnerable to cheating. Our team can help bring right evidence when you suspect one of your employees is not loyal to you, and he/she is working against the spirit of your organization, or your business partner is not loyal to you. Based on our evidence, you can avoid harms to your business from people vulnerable to cheating.

Evidence-based Investigation from Sleuths India
Sleuths India is the President Award winning detective agency with over decades of experience and an enviable record at loyalty check investigation. We have a robust pan-India network with fully equipped offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh & Lucknow so you can always expect great results with loyalty check services.

We are also synonymous with scientific and evidence-based investigation as our team is guided by former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW). More so, our active membership to APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association) is the proof of our reliability in the industry.

So, if you want loyalty check investigation on anyone, hire Sleuths India and get the best of results, always!