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Are you a licensed private detective agency?
We’re a registered detective agency with the Government of India (vide Regn No. U74999DL2010PTC209939). We’re also registered as an MSME (vide Regn. No. DL02E0019568) ; and we’re also registered with Central Excise (vide Regn. No. 07AAOCS9353F1ZW) under the head of ‘Private Investigation Services’. All these registrations entitle us to operate as a detective agency and provide services to clients, so you can always approach us for any type of case.

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What is your reliability, and what is your background?
We are a President’s award-winning private detective agency with more than 20 years of industry experience and with a huge catalogue of over 5000 solved cases under our belt. Together with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and Lucknow, we’re also the only detective agency whose teams are led by ex-Army, Intelligence Bureau, RAW and Police personnel. Plus, we are an active member of associations such as APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).

Further, Sleuths India is guided by an MD – Mr. Naman Jain – who's a multi-award winning individual having won the 'Young Investigation Entrepreneur Award' (was awarded By the President of India, 2012) and the "Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award" for 2014 (by MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs). Our director Nidhi Jain is no less as she won the prestigious "Investigation Leadership Award" in 2017, awarded by the Honorable Minister of Tribal Affairs in India.

Above all, we have an impressive clientele that includes top industrialists, seasoned politicians, celebrities and persons from the cream of the society. Sleuths India is also the most widely covered private detective agency with regular attentions from both national and international media. We have been featured on some of leading publications such as The Times Of India, The Hindustan Times, The Economic Times, The Deccan Herald, The India Today, DD News ( Prasar Bharati ), ZEE News and many more.

Is it legal to hire a private detective agency?
It’s absolutely legal to hire a private detective agency and avail their services for investigation of any type of cases. Anyone can avail the services of a private detective without any worry or fear of the law. In fact, the Government of India collects taxes from private detective agencies and gives them a legal entity to operate as a private detective agency and hence it’s a legal business in India.

Similarly, you can always trust Sleuths India as our company is registered as a private detective agency with the Government of India (vide Regn No. U74999DL2010PTC209939). We’re also registered under the Central Excise (vide Regn. No. 07AAOCS9353F1ZW), apart from being listed as an MSME (vide Regn. No. DL02E0019568) under the heading of ‘Private Investigation Services’.

How to check the reliability of your agency as there are always rumors about the functioning and malpractices of private detective agencies?
Although “some bad apples” will always be there in any industry and detective industry is surely not immune from them, clients can still easily know whether they are hiring a reliable company or not. There are many ways to check the authenticity of any detective agency and have the right people for investigation.

You can go through the link below to know in details about choosing the right detective agency.

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With Sleuths India, however, you needn’t worry ever as we’re a President’s award-winning private detective agency with a strong pan-India presence and offices in major cities of the country. We’re a different breed altogether as our MD, Naman Jain is a multiple award winning professional (having won the 'Young Investigation Entrepreneur Award' By the President of India, 2012 & the "Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award" for 2014 by MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs) while our management team comprises ex-Army, R & AW, Intelligence Bureau and Police officers. More importantly, we are a member of prestigious associations such as APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).

Is there any written agreement or contract between two of us?
As a leading detective agency, our focus is always on following a professional approach to investigation and having a reliable methodology in place with the entire affair of the things. That’s why every investigation from us is properly documented with clearly defined terms and rules. Naturally, there will be a written understanding between both the parties, i.e., Sleuths India and the client.

We will first send you an email proposal detailing the exact scope of investigation, time frame and charges. And after you have accepted the email proposal, you will have to fill up an Investigation Requisition Form (IRF) and submit back to us. The IRF form will contain your details, subject’s details, purpose of investigation and the requirement of investigation. You have to send it back along with your identity proof.

How much do your charge?
Each case that comes to us is somewhat unique in terms of the complexities involved with them, hence charges too would vary. In fact, our charges depend on a lot of factors like kind of case, circumstances behind the case, gender, locality, the strata of society involved with the case and so on. We can tell exact charges only after analyzing the area of difficult of the case, and only after having discussed the case with the client.

Why Sleuths India charges more than other mediocre companies?
Sleuths India is an extremely reliable detective agency and this reliability carries the price. We’re not like those small agencies that often lure customers with low prices and then either do shoddy work or dupe their clients – some even stop taking calls immediately after receiving the payment! Similarly, customers often fail to see the deceit behind the “low price’ strategy employed by most small detective agencies.

Naturally, companies that often charge low are bound by their limitations of the infrastructure, resources, network, team and track record etc. On the other hand, we are a top agency with expert sleuths who commit themselves completely in the case to ensure success irrespective of the complexity involved. Our experts always gather the best possible evidence and information with every case as they are highly skilled with years of experience with us.

And yes, our name speaks for quality and we’re the most trusted private detective agency in India for a reason. While our team is supervised by senior ex-Army, IB, Police and R & AW officers, the gadgets and equipment we use are the most supplicated types with our high-quality infrastructure and resources unmatched in the industry. Similarly, we’re guided by an MD – Mr. Naman Jain – who is a President’s award winning professional, and we also enjoy a clientele including business tycoons, politicians and celebrities.

What is the mode of payment and what is the payment schedule?
We accept payment through all popular modes such as Cheque, Cash, Credit/ Debit card, Online Transfer, Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM UPI. You can make payment through any other mode that feels convenient to you.

The whole payment has to be made upfront.

Why pay upfront?
We take full advance payment as we’re a reputed detective agency – with over two decades of experience – and enjoy a track record of delivering on our promises. Our advance payment rule is a reflection of the trust and support we enjoy in the market as, over the years, we have made a mark in the industry and gained the confidence of clients for the value and quality we adhere to. Similarly, taking full advance payment has been a uniform policy of the company since the inception and in fact, a huge chunk of our turnover (which is into multiple of crores annually) comes from the advance payment itself.

And upon the payment, you shall be given the complete invoice and the receipt mentioning the complete scope of investigation. It’s applicable to all the clients.

Are your investigation supported with evidences?
We are known for scientific and unmatched investigation backed with evidences. We use the most high-edge and cutting-edge gadgets, spy camera and equipment to gather evidence under any circumstances. But yes, whether to have evidence or not with a case is something that is always totally dependent on the client’s requirements. While some clients need only the information with their cases, others may also need evidences supporting that information. And yes, evidence-based investigation is costlier than those with information as they need more effort. So, it’s always the discretion of the clients to hire which types of services.

Will you become a witness in the court of law? Or, will you provide your testimony in the court of law?
As a private detective agency, our job is to gather information and evidence to help clients with their cases and ensure the best of results with any type of investigation. While it’s up to clients to use the information/evidence as a material in the court of law, we as a detective agency do not become a witness in the court of law. Since we do several cases in a month, it’s not possible for us to become a witness in the court for clients. And if we provide testimony in the court of law our identity can be exposed in front of the subject (which is against the rules of the trade) and may also cause enmity.

What is the qualification/experience of your detectives?
We have the largest team of investigators in India, and are perhaps the only agency in the country with female sleuths making a sizeable chunk of the team. The senior management of company comprises people with long experience with the police, army, IB and Research & Analysis Wing (RAW). Our team has people from legal background, forensic experts who work collectively to do investigation. Qualifications may be different of our detectives but they are highly skilled and experienced and work with us for a number of years.

What are the terms and conditions to hire your services?
The detailed terms and conditions to hire our services can be checked on the following links.

Terms & Conditions

Can we remain anonymous while hiring your services? Or, do we have to reveal our identity when we hire your service?
The more we know about clients, the better it will be for us with investigation as then our team can approach the case without any stumbling block. If clients deliberately hold something back for any reason, it could severely impact the quality of investigation results. That’s why clients need to reveal their identity with clear purpose so that we can be sure that they are hiring us for legal purpose.

How do you ensure confidentiality to clients and their cases?
As a prestigious detective agency we put a great emphasis on the confidentiality of clients and cases. We have a strict policy in this regard and our detectives adhere to the same to maintain privacy in every situation.

You can know about this by checking our privacy policy whose link is given below.
Privacy Policy

Will the Subject come to know he/she is being investigated?
We are a top detective agency with a track record of completely discreet and confidential investigation. Sleuths India takes the best care so that its cases remain discrete and confidential together with following all the processes and protocols. All the steps are followed thus the secrecy is never leaked and we do utmost care to ensure nothing is revealed to the subject.

Do you provide mobile call details? Can you hack into someone’s email / social media accounts?
We don’t indulge in such practices as these are illegal and prohibited as per the law. More so, our foundation is built on ethical practices and professional approach that’s why we’re the best and most sought after detective agency in the country.

Do you provide counseling services also?
With some investigation there also comes the need to provide counseling to clients or anyone else associated with the case in a direct or indirect manner. To meet their requirements we do provide counseling services including Matrimonial Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Drug Abuse Counseling, Divorce Counseling, kids Counseling and Stress Counseling.

Would you be able to liaison for us in Business/Legal matters?
We do liaison as well we have got experts who do liaison on behalf of our client. We have solid contact and resources for the same and get things done in the most professional and legal manner possible.

Do you provide legal support?
We have empanelled senior lawyers with the company and can provide legal support in any civil or criminal matter. If you are in need of legal support of any nature, feel free to contact us as our experienced lawyers would prove a great heal to you.