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Sleuths India not only takes pride in its leadership position in the private detective space but also feels privileged to be a member of some of most prestigious trade and industry institutions in the world. Currently, we're an active member of APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association). Our membership to these leading institutions is the result of our successful fulfillment of a host of quality parameters, ethical management practices and due diligence. More importantly, the members to these respected associations are only those that have exceled in their respective domains, achieved corporate excellence and brought a new dimension to their industry. This association is also a reflection of our esteemed position in the private detective space and amply testifies the respect we command in the industry.

Our members are the leading associations of the trade, and they include -

APDI (Association of Private Detectives & Investigators)
Founded in 2005, APDI or Association of Private Detectives & Investigators is India's first and foremost representative organization which is mostly into understanding and governing changes in the investigation issues and solutions. It's also officially recognized by the government of India to be the representative body of private detectives in the country. Its members are the leaders of their profession of investigations and they are chosen only based on their excellent contribution to the domain.

WAD (World Association of Detectives)
Founded in 1925, WAD is the largest longest established association of private detectives in the world. The purpose of this organization is to maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession and its members are known to foster a spirit of cooperation and trust. As a leading and reputed organization, its members are the leaders of their profession and they are the reason why there is a new dimension to the domain.

Founded in 1988, NASSCOM is the leading industry association that works as the apex body for the ever-growing IT BPM industry in India. Its major role has been of policy advocacy as it's responsible for helping the sector to realize its potential and achieve new heights. This association is known to driving thought leadership and collaboration, and helping its members to become truly representative of their industry.

Founded in 1920, ASSOCHAM is the knowledge architect of corporate India and it has been value creation for Indian industry for the last 100 years. It has over 400 chambers and trade associations under its fold and is known for playing a key role in shaping up the trade, commerce and industry of the nation. Its members are chosen based on their proven entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and management skills in the industry.

PHDCCI (PHD Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
Established in 1905, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a national apex chamber which acts as a catalyst in the promotion of trade, industry and entrepreneurship. It has a strong national as well as global linkages known to impacting the economic growth and development through its policy advocacy role. Its members are from across different industries and this organization has the focus on the development of businesses at all levels

CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)
Founded in 1895, CII or the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is a prestigious business association in India that works with the government on policy issues. It has over 9000 members from private as well as public sectors, and over the decade, has been a catalyst of change in India's economic reforms. CII serves as a reference point for the industry and it's regarded as the most reputed association for businesses in India.