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At Sleuths India, ‘giving back to the society’ has always been the foundation of our existence. Since we genuinely care for people, it’s natural for us to always look for opportunities to support them through various charity endeavours. It also gives us immense joy in adding value to different causes – be it environmental or societal – and making us positive presence felt.

As the most-trusted organization in private detective industry, we also realize the responsibility to be socially accountable, do good works and make difference to the lives of people. As a reliable and responsible organization, it’s been our duty to be at the forefront of making solid humanitarian efforts and being there for the goodwill of the people.

Our team has consistently participated in various charitable works with utmost sincerity.

Some of our charity works include

  • Sleuths India and its employee engage in tree plantation effort to support the cause of the environment.
  • We regularly organize “Bhandare” (religious feasts) to feed the people.
  • Our team distributes clothes to the needy people, particularly in the winter season, to help them face the harshness of the chilly weather.
  • We are associated with causes aimed at helping poor students in education.
  • It’s a regular practice for use to donate for various religious functions and causes often organized at local levels.
  • Our particular focus has been towards blind education and we donate good sums for this cause.

As we continue to scale new height in the investigation space, we never fail to realize how the foundation of our success is itself built on fulfilling the needs of people in trouble. Being the industry leader, we’re always conscious of the kind of impact our organization has on every aspect of society, including economic, social, and environmental. In fact, we have always operated in ways that contributes to the cause of society and the nation building.

The charity program at us is run to benefit everyone associated with our brand, be it the public that supports our growth to the employees that drive our business. We always make concerted effort to reach out to the people in the need of some help.

We, at Sleuths India, also pledge to continue doing meaningful philanthropic works and making people and society proud of our existence as a top investigation agency.