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Sleuths India is presently the most trusted private detective agency in the country with more than 23 years of industry experience and a pan-nation presence in the true sense. It’s is acknowledged for maintaining excellence in investigation for over two decades and also for serving clients in the most reliable manner.

No other detective agencies match the credentials of Sleuths India, neither in terms of the kinds of cases solved nor in terms of the number of cases handled successfully. In fact, most agencies are fly- by-night operator who deploy desperate tactic, dupe innocence people and exist only to mint money.
Some of top reasons that make Sleuths India stand out in the crowd of investigation agencies include

  • Sleuths India is the most awarded detective agency in the country with a lot of continuous recognition for amazing works and quality services. The list of awards won is long but some of prominent ones include - Awards by the President of India (The Young Entrepreneur Award in 2012), by MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs (Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014), by The Minister of Tribal Affairs (Investigation Leadership Award in 2017).
  • It’s is also the only private detective agency in the country that hires top Bollywood celebrities for brand promotion and marketing. We have already taken on-board top A-list stars like Kangana Ranaut, RajKumar Rao and Taapsee Pannu.
  • We’re also a pan-India agency in true sense with presence across different cities and regions of the country. In fact, all our offices are located in the posh locality of the big/metro cities of India, and they are well-furnished and equipped with latest gadgets and tools. At present, we have full-scale and fully-operational offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.
  • Unlike most other companies in the domain, Sleuths India is duly registered with the Government of India at different levels, including with the Registrar of Companies, with goods and service tax, plus having a valid GST number. Plus, Sleuths India is also registered with the Registrar of Companies and with Central Excise, delivers invoices under a proper GST number. The agency has clearly stated objectives in the Memorandum & Articles of Association which has been passed by the Registrar of Companies, Government of India.
  • Similarly, unlike other fly by night operators, Sleuths India being a company of high stature, consistently fulfil all government compliances most ethically, right from filing of its income tax returns, GST returns and TDS returns which shows the kind of ethical status it maintains. So much so, it’s not only one of the heaviest income tax payers but also among the highest GST payers in the detective space in India.
  • What makes us stand apart from the rest is our team which has senior retired Intelligence Bureau Officers, Police officers, Army Officers and RAW Officers actively associated with the company. No other agency can claim such an impressive resume of team.
  • In addition, Sleuths India is handsomely equipped to solve cases of any nature as our team boasts of world-class apparatus, up-to-date snooping devices, latest spy gadgets, sting operation cameras, and surveillance system. In fact, we’re perhaps the most resourceful investigation agency in India purely for the amazing tools and gadgets.
  • From high-end & imported spy gadgets to best-in-class surveillance cameras to top-notch audio devices, our team is privileged to have the kind of tools that are not available to most other agencies. Plus, our offices are fully equipped as well with a right combination of experienced Human Resources, Infrastructure and Technology.
  • Sleuths India also has an active membership of various prominent associations that in itself a good indication of the kind of authenticity and reliability it enjoys. After all, these associations conduct a detailed background and integrity check of the company before granting the membership status and that’s why most agencies lack that membership. At present, the agency is member of APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce and Industry, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).
  • Sleuths India has also been privileged in serving to India's Top high-profile clients, including celebrities, Politicians, Bureaucrats & Corporate Houses etc. Unlike other investigation companies, the client names that we advertise are true to the fullest and anyone intending to avail our services can visit the office in person and peruse the form 26 AS of the company. This will fetch a complete detail of the taxes (TDS) deducted by any client or taxes paid to the government by any client mentioned on the website.
  • In addition, we’re a trusted brand also in the sense that we mandatorily provide Tax Invoices of the company with the receipt of the payment for any client availing our services. We have absolutely no problem with giving proper receipt and invoices as we’re always committed to maintaining the highest standards of reliability in every sphere of the operations.
  • Plus, Sleuths India never lures people in the pretext of low fee as we believe in delivering quality at premium. Our charges may sound more than what others offer but they are very reasonable when seen in the context of quality. The fee we normally charge is a reflection of the high standards we follow in investigation services that involve a lot of brain storming, human resources, man days, and equipment.
  • We are a committed team of both male and female detectives in equal ratio as professionals of both the sexes work collectively with each other's assistance and deliver best quality results to clients. This goes against the popular perception where people think that hiring only a female detective agency can work wonders as we deliver result in the way that suits us. People should know how investigation is a team effort where neither being a male nor female guarantees success as it all both the sexes have plus and minus according to the merits of the case.
  • You should also hire us we’re different to those small-time agencies that don't give anything in writing to clients before starting the work. That’s why we give written proposals for each and every case to maintain transparency and professionalism. Such a proposal details everything, from the commitments, pricing and other things regarding their work. It also makes it easy for clients to know the things they can expect with their investigation work.
  • On top of that, the continuous good works in the field of investigation has helped Sleuths India gain a heavy media presence with regular mentions in the Doordarshan, Economic Times, The Times of India, Deccan Herald, DNA, The Outlook, The DD News, ZEE News, Mint, Dainik Jagran etc. We have the maximum coverage of branches in India.