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Sleuths India has reached where no private detective company has ever before. In a major achievement, the most-trusted agency has entered into a partnership with giant of the entertainment company Balaji Telefilms on co-branding for the upcoming comedy thriller film 'Judgementall Hai Kya'. As part of the collaboration, Sleuths India has launched a TV commercial involving the leads of the film, Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao who inform viewers about the need to hire a top private detective agency for solving cases in a fast and accurate manner. This project is a big leap for Sleuths India which is the most reliable brand in private investigation space and it will further boost its credentials. This is the first instance of a private agency entering into the showbiz on such a big scale and that is surely a moment of pride for Sleuths India.

Sleuths India and Bollywood Star Taapsee Pannu Join Hands for Co-branding
Sleuths India yet again shows why it’s not only a popular choice for top industrialists, politicians or bureaucrats but is also very famous among Bollywood A-list stars. It now enters into a co-branding partnership with the giant of the entertainment company, Balaji Telefilms , for the upcoming murder mystery film ‘“Dobaaraa” (2...12)” . As part of the collaboration, Sleuths India gets Taapsee Pannu on board - who is a leading Bollywood actress at the moment – and launches a TV commercial. Plus, it’s the second time in three years that both the brands have joined hands on such a huge scale. Earlier too in 2019, a similar co-branding partnership was done for the movie “Judgemental Hai Kya” that had a glittering star cast of Kangana Ranaut and RajKumar Rao . In fact, Sleuths India remains the only private detective agency that hires top Bollywood stars as part of brand promotion.

Sleuths India and its MD grab cover page of The Economic Times: -
Finding a mention on the cover page of the national financial daily is no mean feat, and Sleuths India and Naman Jain have done this remarkable feat. The newspaper has dedicated its cover page to this premier private detective agency and its MD on its edition of 2nd March, 2014, where it details a 4-page coverage of the both in inner pages also. What’s more, Sleuths India is the only non-MNC from India to have found a mention in this report, which catalogues all the big global-level guns of the domain. This special coverage of corporate espionage is a true testimony to the growing relevance of the agency among corporate houses and Inc. where cases of cheating and fraud are as rampant as never before. More so, this report adds another feather to the already impressively swelling cupboard of Sleuths India, which is easily leading the domain, at the moment.

Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain gets a big coverage in an International Fashion magazine. Nidhi Jain has brought a great achievement for Sleuths India by finding coverage in a coveted International Fashion magazine. The lady grabs a meaty mention in the March Edition of GRAZIA - the Indian edition of the Italian women's fashion and celebrity gossip magazine. The monthly magazine covers fashion, health, and current events. Detailing celebrity gossips from all parts of the world, the magazine has chosen Nidhi Jain for her pioneering works and amazing spirits exhibited at the helm of a leading detective agency. More prominently, the magazine carries the article under the theme, “…the making of the No 1 Lady Detective,” which speaks volume about the woman in charge of a premier detective agency. In overall, it’s really a proud moment for a private detective agency to the stature of Sleuths India.

Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain gets rich coverage in a Prasar Bharti-sponsored documentary film. Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain has made the agency and industry proud yet again. This time, she has featured in a Prasar Bharati-sponsored documentary film aired on National Doordarshan Channel on 12 August, 2017. The film, titled, “The Open Frame” details how a JASOOSNI (lady detective) excels against all odds in a profession considered a male territory. The documentary details the daily hectic corporate schedules of Nidhi Jain and shows how she had to coordinate four branches of Sleuths India – the most trusted private detective agency in India. More importantly, the documentary has selected Sleuths India and its director for this special coverage, which is ample indication of its leadership position in the industry. The lady is shown overseeing day-to-day operations in consultation with the MD, Mr. Naman Jain, and helping the premier agency solve cases and help people across India.

Sleuths India gets a glowing coverage by Economic Times
Sleuths India and its MD Mr. Naman Jain have received a glowing coverage in the English daily, Economic Times in a video interview aired on the YouTube channel of the prestigious newspaper on May 19, 2019 edition. The interview, conducted at the swanky Noida head office of Sleuths India, has Mr. Jain sharing industry's views and highlighting the relation between election times and investigation. He confirms how the poll season helps spike the demand of top private detective agencies in India and also discusses wide range of issues, including the nature of tasks during poll times to challenges faced during election investigation. The coverage is yet another testament to the fact that Sleuths India is easily the most trusted detective agency in the country.

Zee News airs the ring-busting feat of Sleuths India: -
Exposing the unbridled growth of crime against senior citizens in the national capital, the leading media channel Zee New aired a story on 10th February 2014, in its Crime Section, involving a high-profile case of cheating against an elderly couple. The coverage showed the modus operandi of a notorious gang, operating meticulously to dupe the couple to the tunes of lakhs. The telecast had the stupendous ring-busting feat of a prominent private detective agency in New Delhi, Sleuths India, featuring also an interview of the MD of the said agency – Mr. Naman Jain. While being interviewed, the MD looked visibly pleased to have cracked down a case which has brought widespread praise to the agency, particularly from the Police Department of Delhi.

Outlook magazine gives big coverage to Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain.
India director Nidhi Jain continues to bring laurels for her agency and profession alike. This time, the feisty lady detective has bagged a rich coverage in the leading English magazine, Outook, in its edition of 23rd October, 2017. The story salutes the spirit of Jain and details her success in a risky field of private investigation. It mentions how the director had busted a fake insurance scam in Delhi and helped police nab the main suspect by taking the guise of daughter of the victim. The story also highlights how Nidhi has succeeded despite facing resistance from a conservative family and chose a domain that fascinated her from the childhood. She obviously has the talent and possesses a great desire to excel which has helped her scale new highs in the field of private investigation.

Sleuths India grabs mention in Bengaluru edition of leading English daily
Sleuths India has yet again grabbed a glowing coverage in an English daily to showcase its leading position in the market. The agency finds itself as a central theme of the story titled, "I spy with my little eye: Of Bengaluru's private detectives", which was published in the New Indian Express newspaper for its 27th August, 2019 edition. The coverage basically highlights the craze in the 'Garden City' where college students are taking up investigation cases on a freelance basis. The story has industry insights from Sleuths India MD, Mr. Naman Jain, who finds merit in the idea and is himself at the forefront of the change. The coverage shows how detective agencies are benefitting from the networking skills and tech knowledge of college-going students and cracking cases easily.

Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain finds a big Deccan Herald Bangalore coverage
Sleuths India has excelled again. This time, its director Nidhi Jain finds a big coverage in the Bangalore edition of Deccan Herald newspaper. She features in a 26 August, 2022 story that headlines, “More women are joining detective agencies in Bengaluru” and describing the rising trend of females joining the investigation space. In the report, Nidhi, a recipient of the prestigious the “Investigation Leadership Award in 2017” and a professional with over two decades of industry experience, dwells on the reasons behind the gradual surge of interest from women to join is what is definitely a challenging and adventurous industry. The director emphasizes how ladies are defying the norms, breaking the convention and entering a male bastion. The coverage in itself a beautiful tribute to women sleuths like Nidhi Jain who fought against all odds and excelled in a very challenging industry like private investigation.

Sleuths India grabs a big Economic Times Coverage
Sleuths India continues to make right noises in the private detective space. The leading agency has yet again grabbed an extensive coverage in the Economic Times newspaper, in a story titled "Blackmail Victims Dial Private Agents, Not Cyber Cops". The story, published on 26th February, 2019, details the growing menace of cyber crime in the country. It highlights how women are at the receiving end of cyber crimes with rising cases of online harassment, stalking etc. The coverage also has quips from Sleuths India director Naman Jain who talks about the agency's expertise in handling cybercrime cases. He also claims how his agency has a success rate of 70 to 80% with such cases.

SiliconIndia : Sleuths India is among top 10 background verification companies for 2017
A leading print magazine SiliconIndia has ranked Sleuths India among top 10 background verification companies for 2017. The list was prepared by a distinguished panel comprising industry experts, CEOs, CIOs, VCs, in collaboration with the editorial team of the magazine. Sleuths India has made it to the list for its year-round performance in the domain and also for the impressive and ever-growing list of clients. The magazine has included Sleuths India for its ability to solve cases of complex nature and its strong pan-India presence. It has taken into account its strong employee base and no. of complex cases solved cases per month and offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. The magazine has also taken into account two major awards won by the agency – The President of India (2012) & Ministry of Home Affairs.

Sleuths India gets pan-India mention in Times of India :-
In a kind of massive media coverage, Sleuths India finds pan-India mention in the leading English daily, Times of India, in the reportage of corporate investigation. While tracking the rising cases of data loss to corporate due to job-switching of employees, the newspaper dedicates a huge chunk of space to the agency and its MD, Naman Jain, in its edition of 4th October, 2014. The same story is published on the front pages of the daily’s editions across the country, together with places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmadabad. Besides analyzing the menace of data loss in the wake of lucrative offers of job hopping, the report also throws lights on the concerns that drive corporate towards private detective agencies. The story has quotes of Naman Jain, who talks of the dynamics and various facets of data loss etc in case of loyalty shifting.

Sleuths India gets a mention on a leading technology community network
Continuing on its recent media-coverage triumphs, Sleuths India and its MD have once again grabbed a space of note. This time, the premier detective agency has featured on a news portal of leading business technology community network, CIOL.COM. The coverage deals with the growing dangers of spy cameras and gadgets for the privacy of innocent users, especially for women. Quoting Naman Jain at many places, the article, titled, “Taking TRIAL out of Trial Rooms”, dated 6th April, 2015, discusses at length the strategies to fight back. The award-winning MD advises ‘caution’ to avoid the trap, and also stresses upon the need to trust only reputed hotel chains to curtain the risks.

Sleuths India MD makes the company proud once again : -
Sleuths India MD – Nidhi Jain – continues to make the company proud. This time, she has grabbed a rich mention in a national English daily – Deccan Herald – in its Wednesday, 11th 2016 edition. Nidhi Jain grabs a rich space in a story focusing on the challenges and risks women face in the domain of private investigation. The story, titled, "Meet the Miss Marples in town" shares views of the MD and gives her a glowing coverage right through. The coverage is a true testimony of the ceiling broken by Nidhi Jain in a domain that has always been considered male-dominated. She has again shown her mettle and given the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the domain, Sleuths India is sure to see similar stellar shows from her in the days to come.

Mumbai DNA newspaper covers the business might of Sleuths India: -
In a further boost to its investigative prowess, now Mumbai newspaper DNA mentions Sleuths India and its MD in regard to the expanding business might of the New Delhi-based premier detective agency. In its Sunday report of 13th July, 2014, the newspaper starts off with the Mumbai arm of the premier agency before plunging into the depths of biz details. The report details the number of cases the agency handles on a monthly basis (160-170), the total strength of detectives on its roll (200), the number of pan-India network of informants ( 40, 000) and number of moles ( 75) placed in companies to crack cases of corporate espionage and due diligence. Right at the top, it has Mr Naman Jain – the MD – discussing a checklist of vital info to look into a detective agency before hiring it.

Sleuths India MD Finds Yet Another Coverage in Deccan Herald Newspaper
The President award-winning MD of Sleuths India Mr. Naman Jain continues making his agency proud over and again with regular media coverages across top dailies. This time, the visionary managing director has found himself part of the Sunday edition story of The Deccan Herald newspaper, dated 05 February, 2023. The coverage which is titled, “The gun's still smokin'” discusses the explosive growth of crime-based content across OTT platforms and also analyses its obvious pros and cons for the society. The story also highlights an escalating demand of diverse forms of crime-based content such as TV shows, books, documentaries and podcast. Since the story was on crime and it needed quips from industry experts, Naman Jain had to be there, given how he’s the most decorated professional in the private investigation space.

Sleuths India’s excellence in pre matrimonial investigation gets a rich coverage in Saheli magazine
Sleuths India continues to maintain a healthy presence across media channels and justify its claims to be the domain leader. The latest instance is its grabbing of a glowing coverage in the leading Hindi-language magazine, Saheli. This time also, the Delhi-based premier agency has received a meaty reporting with frequent mentions in a story published in the December 2016 issue of the popular magazine. The coverage focuses on growing awareness of pre matrimonial investigations among would-be couples and their respective parents leading them to hire sleuths and seek complete details about the other side before reaching the pious altar of marriage. Similarly, cases are also detailed about how the concerned parents hire services of private detectives to get ‘total surety’ and ‘in-depth knowledge’ of the would-be relatives before taking the final call. The story has a series of quips and quotes from the MD of Sleuths India – Mr. Naman Jain – who shares his vast industry experience to present some interesting insights into the phenomenon leading to the attentiveness and popularity of pre matrimonial investigation services in the society.

Navbharat Times mentions Sleuths India in Blue Whale story
Sleuths India has found yet another round of mention in the leading newspaper Navbharata Times – this time, in a Blue Whale story for Lucknow edition, dated October 05, 2017. The coverage is focused on growing threats of the game and carries reports of parents approaching private detective agencies for help. The article sheds light on worried parents approaching private detectives to save their children from the risks of mobile games in general, and Blue Whale in particular. The report also has insights from Sleuths India MD, Mr. Naman Jain, who shares the trend and acknowledges to have received over 50 queries by parents in the last month or so. Mr. Naman also discusses how his agency has high-tech spy gadgets and software to track movements of children involved in playing games. He also enlightens how children with suspicious activities are provided counselling to mend their ways.

Sleuths India gets a front-page coverage in Navbharat Times
Sleuths India has grabbed a front-page coverage in Navbharat Times – a national Hindi daily with pan-India circulation. The newspaper ran a story in Mumbai edition on 23 September, 2017 and mentioned the agency and its MD, Naman Jain in a coverage about the rising cases of parents hiring private detectives to spy on their children during Navratri festival. The report focuses on how availing spying assignment is becoming quite common these days during the 9-day festival. It also highlights how parents are ready to offer up to 1.25 lakhs for assignment during the entire tenure of the festival. The story has mentions from Naman Jain, who also confirms about Sleuths India getting similar cases during the festival time. This front-page mention also confirms the numero uno position Sleuths India enjoys in the market presently.

In a valiant effort, Sleuth India nabs a blackmailing offender in Mumbai to save the innocent lives of as many as 18 girls. Giving due respect to this resounding feat, a national Hindi daily - “Dainik Jagran” – mentions the premier investigation agency in its Sunday Delhi Edition of 29th June, 2014. Hired by a New Delhi-based businessman to rescue his daughter, the agency solves the case where the accused had been harassing the girl, demanding a hefty ransom of 10 Lakh rupees for not making public her private messages, videos and emails. A team of 15 detectives was deployed to crack this case, and after the research and vigil of 30 days, the accused was finally nabbed from Kandivali area of Mumbai. By solving the case, Sleuths India has yet again exhibited its superior investigative skills and pre-eminent position in the domain.

Changing reasons of divorce and Sleuths India’s mentions by HT ( Gurgaon edition)
Amid changing reasons of divorce in urban India, Sleuths India and its MD seem pretty constant with their media-mention feat. Their impressive show continues, this time in HT, Gurgaon Edition. The national daily has given a coverage to the agency and its MD in its report of growing divorce cases on the basis of non-traditional reasons. The story, published on 8th August, 2014, tracks a huge shift in the mental set-up of new age couples, who are no longer ready to accept the lies, deceits, extra-marital affairs and incompatibility of each other. The same story has views of Mr. Naman Jain who openly talks about the shift in info-seeking cases by clients in regards to groom’s sexual preferences, post-marriage affairs etc.

DNA mentions Sleuths India in its reportage of growing demand of women detectives:
Sleuths India continues to stride ahead in the game of media-mentions, this time in DNA – a leading English-language daily. The agency finds itself in the reportage of rising demand of women detectives in the poll-bound states of Maharashtra and Haryana. The story tracks the significant role played by lady detectives against the backdrop of the stakes rising upwards. In fact, Nidhi Jain – the MD of Sleuths India – concurs of a spike in demand for their agency by parties from both the states. In overall, alongside the rising political stakes, the stocks of Sleuths India are soaring too, which is great for the existence of a crime-free and peaceful society

Mail Today and India Today mention Sleuths India for its growing demand of political snooping.
Political snooping for major national parties needs expertise of the highest standard, and Sleuths India appears a master on that front. This premier detective agency is clearly enjoying the confidence of parties in the fray, and its getting such a massive coverage across print media in this election season is the testimony of that. After grabbing a colossal eight-dailies coverage on a single day, this agency and its MD- Mr Naman Jain – have found themselves again on the pages on Mail Today and India Today – both are major dailies in English language. This particular coverage is in regard to the growing demand of spy agencies among political parties for various snooping purposes in this 2014 election. This coverage also states the numero uno status that this agency enjoys in the domain at the moment.

Sleuths India hogs massive pre-election coverage for its political espionage skills In a remarkable achievement, Sleuths India and its MD – Naman Jain – have hogged a big chunk of single-day media coverage spanning eight national dailies. This massive coverage took place on 27th March, 2014, when all these dailies carried a PTI report in their respective edition. The report largely focused on the growing demand of this New Delhi-based spy agency for wide array of poll related assignments. The same reports have Naman Jain informing about “three types” of tasks that political parties and their candidates are hiring such agencies for. The report also indicates the domain-leading status of Sleuths India under the able guidance of its MD, Mr Jain.

SPY INC : Corporate espionage has long been a part of mainstream detective services, and the media have now started giving it a focus. In its 9th March, 2012 publication, the Crest Edition of national daily- The Times of India has covered a feature article titled "SPY INC", highlighting the dominant presence of spying in the corporate world of India. Covering reports of US-based Dow and its alleged spying on Bhopal activists, the newspaper also mentions Sleuths India in this special feature. The report carries a quote of the director, Mr. Naman Jain, and also ranks the company among the leaders of corporate espionage in India.

Drug abuse- parents hire private eyes to snoop on kids : Bringing in focus the rampant drug abuse cases involving kids, Deccan Herald's New Delhi edition has published a feature article on 22 February, 2012, which also throws light on the volutary nexus of parents and private detectives. The English daily reports how a growing number of parents have started hiring private detectives to snoop on kids. The article also quotes Sleuths India's Director Mr. Naman Jain, detailing the nature of cases and concerns of the parents.

Sleuths India makes wave again, finds mention for surging demand in 2014 Elections:
If media coverage is any parameter, then Sleuths continues to make wave and is flying as high as it needed. Fresh from the feat of the “Cover Page” mention by The Economic Times, it has added another feature in its media coverage cap by finding a mention in another national daily, DNA. The newspaper, edition 22nd March, 2014, mentions the company and its MD, Mr. Nama Jain, for an article “Poll tricks: candidates hire private detectives to get info on rival.” This pre-election coverage clearly states the spike in demands of private detectives in general, and Sleuths India in particular.

Sleuths India hogs front page coverage of Pune Mirror for its Noida Office :-
Sleuths India maintains its impeccable record of media coverage – this time, its Noida Head Office hogging the front page of leading English daily, Pune Mirror. The reportage is of 1st October, 2014, where the office is shown in the newspaper’s tracking of election-based scenarios of Maharashtra and Haryana. The story dwells upon the rise of assignments for private detectives against the backdrop of the recent high-profile political splitting between two major alliances in the westerns state. It also discusses the steep fees that political parties are willing to pay, up to a whopping 25 Lakhs, for assignments, based purely on the “complexity of the assignment”, informs Naman Jain, MD of Sleuths India.

Spy vs Spy at India Inc : With growing presence of corporate espionage, the media was bound to highlight its roles and areas in the contemporary society. A prominent English-daily throws lights on the growing phenomenon of corporate spying by describing the current status of the detective service. In Times of India's feature article of June 26-July 2 edition, titled "Spy vs Spy at India Inc", Mr. Naman Jain, director of Sleuths India, has been quoted sharing thoughts about the existing role of spying or detective agencies in India.

1oo sherlocks on the prowl in Goa : A major English daily- Mid Day- has reported cases of parents hiring private detectives to keep a watch on the partying kids in Goa. In its feature article, titled "100 sherlocks on the prowl in Goa", published on 31st December, 2011, edition, the daily aptly highlights the concerns of worried parents over the activities their kiths and kin might involve into during the vacation in Goa. The newspaper quotes Mr. Naman Jain, director of Sleuths India, about the nature of spying and about the methodology adopted by the company to tackle the cases.

Corporate espionage gives wings to detective agencies : A major daily 'Mint' also carries a report about the flourishing business of detective agencies in India. In its article, titled "Corporate espionage gives wings to detective agencies", published on 1st March 2012, the daily brings forth facts and data to suggest the pink state of the detective business in the country. The report mentions the Sleuth India's director, Mr. Naman Jain, and concludes how a private detective agency in India is about to set up a training institute to provide proper degree and certification to investigators.

Rashtriya Sahara : The growing nexus of political parties and private detective agencies is neatly highlighted by the major Hindi newspaper Rashtriya Sahara. In its feature article, published on 20th March, 2012, the daily reports how some of major political parties have hired private detective agencies to assess the winnability potential of its candidates in the UP assembly elections. The report quotes Mr. Naman Jain- the director of Sleuths, and details how private detectives have worked extensively for political parties in the state to analyze the potential of the candidates.