Private detectives and rising menace of drug abuse..!

Mr. Khurana and her wife, Aarti, were quite disturbed those days by the constantly changing behaviour and activities of their only son, Amit. Once introvert and shy, he had recently started indulging in late night parties, coupled with erratic sleeping schedules, frequent out-of-town parties and recklessly roaming around with the friends. His recently-acquired manners and routines were totally incomprehensible for his parents, with his physical condition slowly deteriorating towards the bad to worse. The parents were completely clueless about such a massive transformation and that too, just within three to four months of entering the college. Initially, they suspected their son to be in an affair with a girl, but soon, this suspicion evaporated, further adding to their existing woes. Troubled and completely fazed, the Khurana couple decided that ‘enough is enough’ and it’s the time to take some tough actions. First, they tried to persuade Amit to divulge the truth of his sudden behavioural change; when nothing came out, they decided to take the help of a professional. They wanted to take him to a physiatrist or for a counselling session, but he always escaped the clutches of his caring parents. In the end, on the consultation of his family friends, the Khuranas decided to hire the services of a private detective agency in Delhi. After all, they desperately wanted their ‘real son’ back- the same Amit who hardly ventured out, let anole parting till the wee hours.

Before hiring any private detective, the couple thought to do an extensive research to find a reliable and experienced player. After a 2-3 days research, they concentrated on Sleuths India Detectives, only after analyzing and realizing its extensive reach and unspoiled reputation in the market. They fixed a schedule with the company, reached the office, had a meeting with the director, and conveyed the whole Amit’s story before returning back, getting a promise of swift action from the director of the said company. The Khuranas were happy to have assigned the task to a company which had the leadership position in the market; like any responsible parents, they did not want to compromise with the life of their beloved son. After collecting the whole details of Amit, the company started investigating into the case to find out the sudden change of the subject’s behaviour, habits and activities etc. They started observing Amit’s day-to-day routines- from analyzing each of his friends to gathering information about their hang-outs. A team of detectives extensively went after the subject and his friend circle to collect more and more information to find out the exact cause of the misery afflicted to the Khurana family. Any other detective agency in Delhi would have consumed a lot of time besides taking out loads of money from the clients, but Sleuths India Detectives kept it reputation of ‘being the best in the business’.

After a week or so, the company called on the parents to the office to inform about the truth and dilemma Amit was going through. They flatly told the parents that their beloved son was taking drugs for the last 2-3 months, which was the main reason of such a drastic change in his complete lifestyle. The parents were stunned into silence; they kept the composure, talked further about the remedies and later, left the office thanking the director, Mr. Naman Jain, for such an invaluable investigation and extremely swift action. Later, they took stern actions against Amit, forced him to leave the friends, took him to frequent counselling sessions and within the months, their beloved son was back to normal. And today, he vows to remain true to himself and his parents, promises to never take drugs in the future. The case of Amit reached to a judicious conclusion due to early tracing of the drug misery; a slight late would have cost him the life and the Khuranas, their only hope of survival. Drugs are indeed bad, and youths must be taught its negative impacts. If your son or any acquaintance starts behaving erratically with loads of behavioural changes, don’t get a minute late, as life is very precious.