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Sleuths India is an agency that always believes in excelling beyond the norms and staying ahead of the trends. The same belief has made it the first and only detective company in India to start the culture of brand promotion through big celebrities and A-list Bollywood names like Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu and Rajkummar Rao.

In the last three years alone, the agency has entered into a co-branding collaboration with India’s top entertainment & movie company Balaji Telefilms Limited on two separate occasions. In 2019, Sleuths and Balaji had partnered for the movie, “Judgemental Hai Kya” where the lead actors Kangana Ranaut and RajKumar Rao featured in a commercial.

The movie was a huge critical success and it trended for weeks on social media for a unique plotline and some amazing performances from the lead. The idea behind the collaboration was a natural coming together of two entities exploring the same cause one in real-life while the other on reel, as the film dwelt on the subject of investigating a murder and finding the truth beneath.

Once again in 2022, Sleuths India and Balaji joined hands for the thriller movie “Dobaaraa” (2...12), which opened the London Indian Film Festival 2022 and had an August release. The movie garnered rave reviews from critics and generated quite a lot of social media buzz. As a part of marketing, Sleuths India launched a new TV commercial attached to the movie trailer and featuring the lead of the movie, Taapsee Pannu.

Both the high-profile ventures put Sleuths India on a pedestal where none reached before in the investigation industry. And it also shows why the agency is here to make a difference irrespective of the gravity and challenges in the path. This also makes it not only a popular choice for top industrialists, politicians or bureaucrats but is also very famous among Bollywood A-list stars.

In fact, it’s the only private detective agency that collaborates with top celebrities for the role of brand promoter and ambassadors. Sleuths India has always been proactive in terms of branding & promotion to amplify the reach and take investigation to the masses. All this aptly underlines its positon as being the most trusted most awarded private investigation agency in the country.

The collaboration is also a true testimony of the leadership position that Sleuths India currently enjoys in private investigation industry. The company now boasts of the largest team of investigators in India and is headed by an award-winning MD.

With this exciting partnership, Sleuths India looks to capitalize on the vast exposure that cinema enjoys so that it can reach to a new audience base and continue to regain the top slot in the investigation space.