Disloyal partners and the honey-trap of private detectives....!

Priya, a 28-years-old housewife, was leading quite a distressed life for the last few months for suspecting her husband of having an illicit affair outside the marriage. She would have never thought that the person she loved the most was showing the loyalty, love and care to a different woman. And for any young woman in her late 20s, this kind of situation is the worst anyone would like to be in. What’s more, Priya had been living in a hell, full of suspicions, though unable to prove her husband wrong for not having ever caught him red-handed. Her situation was deteriorating further as the husband, Rahul, a well-paid Marketing Manager with a renowned MNC, had started spending even more time in the office, compounding her woes further.

Rahul’s late night home-coming, attending unplanned meetings, hanging out with newer friends and taking regular outstation trips were further denting the confidence of Priya, who was shell-shocked and immensely disturbed by his bizarre and unexpected change of behaviours. She tried to confront him on this issue, but for no avail, as he always had many excuses to take full advantage of her naiveté. Unable to cope with all this mess for so long, Priya decided to hire the services of a private detective agency in Delhi to unearth the reality behind her husband’s philandering ways. After all, she always wanted to have a loyal husband, never a two-timing life partner.

She consulted her friends for further information and thoroughly mulled over the pros and cons of hiring a private detective agency in such a sensitive case. She started researching on her own and soon, found out a reputed company to assign the task. After fixing a meeting with Sleuths India Detectives, she reached it swanky office, met the director and told about the whole scenario. Although she had selected the company on a combination of self-search and recommendation, all her doubts were soon put to rest when she saw the set-up and whole infrastructure of the hired company. Earlier, she was a bit frightened due to many bogus detective agencies in the market who were there to swindle the money, not to deliver the result.

Hiring a private detective was a tough task for Priya, mentally as well as physically, as the result of this decision was going to either make or break her marriage. After the hiring, she was waiting for the big day, as the director Naman Jain had promised to deliver the veracity of the matter at the earliest. To her utter surprise, she got a call within a week, asking her to meet the director of Sleuths India Detectives. She duly went to meet the director, listened to him carefully and came out a bit relieved.

The results were although far earlier than the expected, though they were bang on the target. Her husband was secretly romancing a junior colleague from the same office, frequently taking her out on the dinner, buying her expensive gifts and spending some ‘quality’ time with her. There was nothing in the investigation results which were new to Priya, as she already knew all this through the changed behaviours of his husband. Only an official confirmation was needed, and the hired private detective agency offered her that luxury. The case of Priya is a bit eye-opener for many housewives like her who suspect their husbands, though can’t do anything beyond that. But she was not made up of lesser metals, and her decision to hire a detective agency brought her the luxury to call the shot; she decided to part ways with Rahul to live the life on her own terms. If you too are caught in the same whirlpool, the case of Priya is enough to leave you with ample hint. The rest, as we say, depends on identifying the ‘loyalty’ itself.