Private detectives- do they really ‘walk the talk’?

Like everything private, detectives and their concerning agencies are often viewed with a heightened sense of suspicions for myriad known and unknown reasons. Many simply don’t trust them for a series of horrid experiences at the hand of them. ‘Private players are only here to make money, not to serve people’, quipped a man in his forties, when asked about such agencies and their works. Is this really true that the majority of people still don’t have faith in private detective agencies in India despite their faring better? Why or why not, well, the question needs digging into the deep to unearth right answers to remove the mystery shrouding the private detectives in this vast land.

With plenty of questions in mind, we headed straight to the capital city of India, Delhi, to unveil a series of doubts about the private detective agencies and their modus operandi. In the course of investigation, we came across many agencies whom we could not even assign the status of a company or organization. With one or two-room offices, a handful of staff, almost no infrastructure in place, such small agencies are in the fray to only make handsome money to elope at the right time. While being interviewed, some managers or directors of these small detective firms looked puzzled and tried to evade us and our searching questions.

Well, unsatisfied yet still inquisitive, we continued on with the search believing that not every agency is fake or bogus. Some of them, as many feel, are actually doing a fabulous job for their clients. Soon, our doubts were put to rest when we entered the office of Sleuths India in Delhi. For those who have a low opinion about private detectives or agencies should come over to this office to verify the truth. This experienced organization knows the value of credibility and seems hell-bent on becoming synonymous with excellence in private detective services in India.

It took us seconds to find that it's a decade-and-half old organization, and has been helping clients by solving a range of private and commercial cases. When asked about the stupendous growth of the company, Mr. Naman Jain, director of Sleuths India, said:"We always believe in serving the people in a methodical way and for its, our combination of man and machinery helps us the most. "Talking about infrastructure and having it are two entirely different aspects, but Sleuths India is one such private detective agency in India which is equally good at "talk and walk".

Sitting comfortably in his posh office, the man guides the team at Mumbai and Noida offices. The Delhi office is as plush as needed with well-decorated cabins for team heads. Impressed and satisfied, we thought that it is always a tough task to establish a foothold in a segment where government agencies have the absolute stronghold. If any private player gains reliability, it must be lauded for its efforts and intensity. Sleuths India’s success demonstrates that infrastructure is among the best necessities to ply the trade in private detective domain to serve the market in the best possible manner.