Sensitive sting operations and expert private detectives!

In the existing backdrop of rampant corruption practices all around, everyone, including the nation is bound to suffer tremendously. Corruption is steadily corroding the innards of the morals and ethics we as a society should definitely preserve. Most of the government-run institutions, states as well as central ones, today are considered the ‘biggest culprit’ to fuel the race of corruption. With the gradual transformation of a traditional India to a new-age nation where everyone wants to remain ahead, corruption was destined to appear at the horizon to jolt us all from the deep lumber. And almost the exactly is happening all around us, where people are involved in assorted corrupt practices- from taking bribes to accepting “commissions”.

Amit Shah, a back-office executive employed with a financial firm, was completely stunned when a public-sector bank manager in Delhi asked him for “malai (bribe) to help him sanction the loan. “How can the manager demand such things when he should discourage such bad activities,” he remarked, fuming and looking visibly upset. Amit’s case is not alone, as there are more than hundreds of thousands cases of similar natures where money is twisted out of people for almost no need. And the majority of such cases are reported out of the government-run institutes where “working less and earning more” always remains the biggest motto. When Amit Shah argued over giving the bribe, the manager denied him straightaway saying, “If you won’t pay me, forget about any loan.” Out of frustration, Amit decided to pay him the ‘amount’, though at the same time, he thought to teach him an appropriate lesson. He mulled over the ways, researched and finally, stumbled upon a private detective agency in Delhi for the ‘task’. During the course of research, he came to know about sting operations and its usages and thus, immediately planned to apply the same against the bank manager. He zeroed in on few private detective agencies and finally, in the end, chose Sleuths India Detectives for his reliability and brand value in the market.

Mr Shah was pleased to have assigned such a sensitive task to a well-known company, as he thought that the repercussions in such a case might snowball into bigger controversy, if things won’t go in the planned way. All his doubts were put to rest when the director, Mr. Naman Jain, insisted that “we have done many similar cases, and we will help you with the best of results”. Both the concerned parties, the client (Amit) and the company had a meeting, chalked out the ‘plan’ to take the lid off a bribe case. And as per the planning, the company was supposed to use some really high-tech gadgets, top-class cameras and high-intensity microphones etc. to bring justice to the case A team of investigators was formed, asked to keep a close eye on the activities of the bank manager to get further help in the case. From gathering information to tracking movements, every imaginable task was done by the company so that the culprit is nabbed almost red-handed. “A sting operation needs acute expertise of the art so that the best result is achieved without putting any party in unnecessary troubles. We have solved many cases even far tougher and graver than that and in most of them, we have emerged out triumphant,” said the director of Sleuths India Detectives. As per the plan, Amit reached the bank on the pre-specified date, sign papers, talked to the “crook manager” without dishing out any hint of spying or sting operation. And as expected, the loan paper was cleared and the ‘final moment’ arrived when the manager was about to be caught. The execution was as immaculate as the planning and in the end, the corrupt manager of the government-run bank as caught taking illegal bribe and thus, booked for involvement in abatement to corruption and similar practices. The case of Amit Shah is a true reminder of the fact that “corruption can be brought into focus” so that bad people get at least punished to set a right standard. So, don’t bear anything against the law, step up, fight it and if you can’t, there is always a way for everything.