Let surveillance by private sleuths eliminate your doubts..!!

Just two months ago, Priti was madly in love with Atul, but not anymore; the reason? She suspects him to cheat on her, though she is yet not able to corroborate the claims. In the same line, Kajal, a married housewife with two small kids, once had a great amount of faith on her husband, Robin, but not anymore, as she nowadays smells of being two-timed by him. Radha had faced the similar dilemma when she found the behaviour of her husband dramatically changing within the days. In all the above cases, all the mentioned women had faced the similar issues- of suspecting their beloved partners of wrongdoing, but not able to prove anything substantial.

Should these women have trusted their respective partners and allowed them to roam freely? Of course, not, and that’s why, these all from Mumbai suburbs decided to get into the bottom of the fact. The matter was quite sensitive, as they were looking for ideas and ways to keep a track on their partners’ day-to-day activities and movements. They were totally helpless, as the Law Enforcement Agencies don’t entertain such cases, unless and until, the person is question is either ‘missing’ or a crimal. Frustrated yet hopeful, they talked to their friends, and finally came to a solution- to take surveillance facility of a private detective agency in Mumbai. Being educated, Priti immediately resorted to the internet to locate any reliable and well-known private detective agency in India. To her utter surprise, she found one right in the city and without wasting any time, called up to fix a meeting. She was visibly tensed, as the prospect of losing a cherished relationship was looming large on the horizon. More so, she was a bit apprehensive approaching a detective agency, as she’d heard that most of such players were involved only in spinning money out of the clients to flee away to a different destination. Amid all this, she landed at the office of Sleuths India Detectives where a neatly-dressed and well-behaved guard let her in.

Amid loads of doubts and questions, she was comforted by seeing an up-to-date office with world-class facilities and infrastructure. Within the minutes, she was called in to meet the director, Mr. Naman Jain. Within few minutes, she was done with conveying her concerns and before leaving, the assurance from the director of one of India’s biggest brands in detective domain left her glad. “We assure you of best possible results, as our track-record is excellent and more so, we have the necessary means to solve surveillance cases,” these were the words spoken to Priti from the director which soothed her nerves a lot. Within a week, it’s became clear to the troubled lady that the company was not just bragging when the result was delivered to her. The company cracked down on the case so easily that the deadline was met even before the scheduled date. The result was in Priti’s favour, as her husband was not straying, and actually suffering from the inconsistency of the job, thus had started more outings that he usually did. Once the result was out, only later on, she found out how the extensive research and high-end gadgets used by the company saved her life from getting into a perpetual mess. A range of HD cameras, high tech video camcorders and high- speed digital SLR cameras video-grapy were extensively used to spy on her partner. Every move of his was tracked, every activity was kept a look upon, and every outing was thoroughly analyzed for close to a week. And in the end, the result was conclusive and luckily, fortunate as well for the said client, i e. Priti. She was fortunate to have got a reputed company to save her life. If she were not educated and prompt, the consequences would indeed have been different towards the bad to worse to worst. So, don’t be in a dilemma, as you have the “means” to live the life on your terms. What’s more, don’t let the air of suspicions mars your joyous life; get the facts right to remain as happy as you deserve.