Private detectives and reliability factor: do they both exist together in India?

The concept of hiring private detectives may well be in the early stages in India, but it's surely not new to the world. Espionage was a dominant weapon in the World War I and II where enemies spied on each other to gain mileage for better war results. Soon, fresh from the success at wars, private detective agencies started making a stronghold in the public domain and slowly but steadily, they carved out a niche for themselves in the European and American markets. People found them reliable and prompt and hence, started availing their services for various detective requirements.

But in India, due to conservative thinking and dominance of the law enforcement agencies, it took years for people to realize the nobility and benefits of private detective agencies. Even despite coming to terms with the relevance of private detectives, the Indians somehow show a tepid response towards them for their varied needs. People here still lack confidence when it comes to hire the services of private sleuths due to myriad tangible and intangible reasons. "The majority of private detectives in India don't exude trust for they are in the domain to spin money and flee away at the right time," echoed a senior citizen in Delhi, when asked the question related to the authenticity of the private agencies in the domain.

Isn't it a matter of concern that majority of private agencies here are not taken seriously in spite of good intentions and customer-servicing approach? Well, this question needs an extensive probe and for this, what better place than Delhi could be! We landed in the city, interviewed directors of various detective agencies for their version of opinions on this important issue. When we contacted one of India's foremost agencies, Sleuths India, the director Mr. Naman Jain had to say this: “A growing number of people are approaching private players these days, though the suspicions remains intact due to bad reputation brought to the domain by some small and money-oriented firms.

We could not have agreed more when Naman Jain stated further: "Sleuths India has been registering an impressive growth in its clientele due to prompt and reliable services. People won't come to you unless a proper infrastructure is not in the place. And we have been benefiting immensely out of our remarkable arrangement of men and machinery." Such a candid statement from the director of one of India,s reputed brands was not only encouraging but utterly relevant too, as his own company enjoys almost a monopoly due to its customer-centric approach and superior infrastructural set-up across India. More so, as our analysis proved, Sleuths India has an impeccable track record with a hefty figure of return-customers.

Soon it became obvious that detective agencies with focus to prompt and reliable services to customers are in great demand than those only for money-spinning and undue gains out of their clients. It also become clearer to us that people don't approach any private investigation agency in India; rather, they first analyze the reliability factor before handling over the case to someone whom they find appropriate for the job. And that's why, only a handful of agencies enjoy the kind of reputation a law enforcement agency does and we know, Sleuths India has the numero uno position in the private investigation domain.