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Risks of electronic surveillance are growing by the day. Big organizations and high-profile individuals are even more vulnerable to the threats of spying or covert eavesdropping through electronic bugs ranging from hidden spy cameras to audio video transmitters, recorders, micro chip bugs, tapped phone lines, cellular network bugs, etc. With such looming threats to privacy and data, there is a strong need of effective technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM Service Specialists Company or Bug Sweeping Services).

Sleuths India is a President of India award-winning detective agency that offers world-class TSCM Services (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), Bug Sweeping and Debugging services by skilled and professionally trained specialists from the USA, Israel and Canada. We have over two decades of industry experience with many successful assignments of debugging nationally and internationally. In fact, our team is reputed for political debugging, corporate debugging, debugging for bureaucrats and for government departments.

More so, we have a solid network with high-tech offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh & Lucknow and are supported by best-in-class TSCM equipment for delivering excellent results to clients from across industry verticals. To top it all, we’re probably the only detective agency in India whose operations are handled by former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW).

We also take pride in our membership to APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association). Since we have been delivering great investigation results for years, this has helped us win numerous media acclamation, both nationally as well as internationally. And, we use the world’s most sophisticated apparatus that sets us apart from others in the industry.

So, if you think you may be under surveillance or if you want to secure your privacy or ensure security for your life and sensitive data, hire a top debugging company like Sleuths India and great results!

  • Types of TSCM Services

    Debugging TSCM Services
    We have helped secure privacy of a number of top-notch corporations, businesses, government agencies and high-profile individuals through our professional debugging service. Our team uses the most advanced debugging equipment and relies on unique techniques & methods for electronic bug detection. Whether it’s hidden camera or audio video transmitters, micro chip bugs or video devices or recorders, our trained specialists can detect any device that is posing a threat to your data or security.

    Eavesdropping Detection TSCM
    Our eavesdropping detection TSCM services have helped some of premier organizations, government agencies cutting across industry verticals. This service is particularly helpful to all those companies whose information and data is vulnerable or who want to protect their confidential and sensitive information. Our specialists are in high demand by businesses or high-profile individuals looking to secure their offices, venues, homes or hotel rooms. We not only conduct a thorough eavesdropping detection survey of the venue but also monitor important meetings in real time and use radio frequency (RF) spectrum to detect or counter any attempt to data breach.

    Corporate Espionage Detection
    We offer corporate espionage detective service that is helpful for companies looking to counter any type of industrial or corporate spying aimed at their sensitive data and information. Our team has expertise to check every possible route and method employed to compromise homes, offices, hotels or any other place. We do frequency spectrum recording of the place to ensure professional corporate espionage bug sweep and to effectively counter any attempt of electronic eavesdropping or data breach.

    Counter Surveillance
    We have helped many high-profile professionals and celebrities including journalists, CEOs of big corporations and politicians etc with our counter surveillance services. Our team use the latest TSCM equipment to secure your communications, information, meetings, conversations, data or any aspect you feel is susceptible to risk. Whether someone is secretly following you or spying on you or using cameras or bugs to pose risks to reputations through illegal surveillance, we can always help in such situations through our counter surveillance service.

  • Types of Examination

    Visual Inspection
    Our team does Visual Inspection in which it looks for hidden bugs or eavesdropping devices at usual suspect places in your home or office space. The team is aware of those spots or places where these devices are generally kept and thus, does the job with great success and alacrity.

    Physical Inspection
    During Physical Inspection, the entire space is examined and inspected in a thorough manner to find bugs such as camera systems, recording devices, microphones, and transmitters etc. The team examines every aspect, including furniture, ceilings, outlet covers and other locations where bugs are generally hidden.

    Electronic Inspection
    The team uses a variety of sophisticated equipment and gadgets to do Electronic Inspection to identify and locate any hostile signals or other signs from bugs that may be planted somewhere in the space. We also survey all the wires and cables there to find any intrusion of some intercept or wiretapping devices intended to cause varying levels of harms to you.

    Radio Frequency Examination
    We also do Radio Frequency Examinations with the aim to identify and find all receivable transmissions and also to determine the presence of any unauthorized transmitters planted in the space. Any presence of Radio Emanations is located identified and de-activated.

    Thermo-Graphic Inspection
    We also do Thermo graphic Inspections using the latest Thermal Imaging Technology to detect any illicit eavesdropping device. The equipment helps the team in detecting any nature or scale of thermal heat emitting from devices.

    Once you hire Sleuths India for actual sweep, our team will visit the concerned location and perform a comprehensive inspective to establish the presence and location of any bugs. Trained professionals will conduct various types of inspection to spot any risks or threats to the security. Post debugging, the team provides clients with a detailed report containing results of the examination and any recommendations in regard to enhancing technical security of the home or office space.

    You can thus trust Sleuths India and its technical team to keep any security threat out of the way!

  • Major equipment used during the Bug Sweep

    Sleuths India today stands as a top debugging TSCM company as we use the most sophisticated equipment and rely on unique methods of electronic bug detection. Our team has at its disposal only the latest technology, advanced model of equipment, best configurations and updated versions with TSCM equipment.

    Some of our equipment include:

    • Boroscope Digital Inspection Camera
    • Kestrel TSCM TM Professional Software
    • Telephone Analyser
    • Real Time Spectrum Analyser
    • Time Domain Reflectometer
    • Thermal Imager
    • Wire Tracer
    • Wireless Inspection Camera with DVR
    • Hidden Camera Lens Detector
    • LED Based Inspection Mirrors
    • Radio Frequency Tracer
    • Radio Frequency Counter
    • Multi-Function Frequency Counter
    • Radio Frequency Handy Counter
    • Digital Scout
    • Digital CUB
    • Radio Frequency Detector
    • Mini Counter with Digital Filter & Auto Capture
    • Wide Band Communication Receiver
    • Hidden Camera Detector using Infrared
    • Spectrum Analyzer
    • Gauss Meter for EMF Detection
    • Non Linear Junction Detectors

    *Click Here to see the images of the Major Equipment Used*