Forensic Services

We are a leading private detective agency in India offering reliable and proven forensic services to clients in personal space and corporate world alike. We are hired for expertize in forensic investigation as our services are known for seamlessly integrating IT forensics, e-discovery, digital forensics, lie detector tests and data analysis into our methodologies.

Further, our forensic investigation can seek and find evidence in the most complex of cases to make the difference to cases of different nature. Over the years, we have helped detect, track and solves cases of fraud, cheating, unlawful activities and asset tracing etc. through forensic services. Our team of forensic experts has years of domain experience to solve individual and corporate cases of any complexity or nature.

We provide a wide variety of forensic services including mobile forensic, compute forensic, debugging, handwriting verification and fingerprinting verification for individuals and corporate clients. These services are aimed to solving crimes cases and bringing fraudsters and criminals to book. That’s why, we have a long list of clientele from across industries who have benefitted from our diverse forensic services.

Sleuths India provides forensic services in five different categories, including -

  • Mobile Forensic

    We are an expert in extracting and analyzing mobile phone data from virtually all phone mobiles or handsets. Our team specializes in the analysis of those data it recovers from mobile phones to help solve criminal, cheating and fraud cases. Be it deleted text messages, social medial files, social media history, images & emails (including deleted ones), maps documents etc., we forensically extract all data to help find the culprits or solve the cases.

  • Computer Forensics

    We are hired for our computer forensics capabilities of extracting, analyzing and presenting data from any kind of computers, networks and digital storage devices. Our expertise in computer forensics helps us contribute in a variety of criminal and civil cases such as fraud, forgeries, murder, defamation, robbery etc. We investigate, analyze and present information extracted from different computer devices.

  • Debugging

    We provide debugging or electronic sweeping services to clients and keep them away from risks. Our team detects bugs and sweep the office or home free of any risks. Our debugging services are aimed at keeping you or your business away from harms to your personal or business interests. Our team tracks, finds and locates if any surveillance devices are planted or other similar means employed to harm you any ways.

  • Handwriting Verification

    We are an expert in handwriting verification services to help solve cases of fraud, cheating, forgery or other criminal acts. Our handwriting experts draw from their years of domain experience to verify the authenticity of writing or signatures done on different documents to help clients with their cases. Our experts help crack cases by distinguishing forged signatures or writings from genuine ones often used by people for dubious gains.

  • Fingerprint Verification

    We are hired for fingerprint verification to help solve a variety of criminal and unlawful cases. Our team of fingerprint experts leverages the sophisticated technology and forensic expertize to successfully do fingerprint verification. Our team also collaborates with law enforcement agencies to help solve cases where fingerprint verification could help crack cases of different nature.