Pre Matrimonial Investigation & Post Matrimonial Detective Agency

(Divorce, Infidelity, Alimony, Bigamy & Child Custody Issues):

Pre Matrimonial Investigations:

A marriage without proper background check is always a risky decision. Compatibility issues are quite common for marriages where neither partners nor their respective families know each other well. Naturally, such relationships will forever stand on a weak foundation.

So, why hurry with marriage when you can easily get complete information about the partner or their family? Why to suffer for a lifetime when you can hire a top detective for marriage and know everything about the partner.

When in doubt, you can always go for matrimonial investigation by hiring a reliable matrimonial detective agency for pre matrimonial investigation and background check before marraige. Give it details about the people on whom the investigation is needed and then get the verification done in a professional manner.

Sleuths India is the President's award-winning private detective agency with years of experience in pre marriage investigation cases. We have the largest team of detectives in the industry and enjoy a great track record with pre marriage investigation. Our team perfectly understands the challenges that may come in a marriage done without proper background verification before marriage.

Sleuths India offers pre matrimonial investigation services for arranged marriage cases, love marriage cases and divorce marriage cases. We have successfully handled cases involving background check for marriage for clients and retrieved complete information about the would-be groom, would-be bride or the family.

More so, clients trust our network of private detectives and investigators, our pan-India presence and our use of the latest spy cameras, spy gadgets etc. for their pre matrimonial investigation cases. Our detectives have the skills and expertise to handle pre marriage investigation of any nature, whether from the groom side or from the bride's side.

More so, our pre marriage investigation can verify everything about the bride or groom, including their job, education, affair, drinking habits, medical history, litigation cases, disability, debt, conduct, habits etc. We also check the family's social reputation, social standing etc.

As a top marriage detective agency, we can verify every detail or information that our clients ask us to, so that the family could take the right decision. We have the team, resources and a vast network to efficient conduct pre matrimonial verification in a smooth manner.

Post Matrimonial Detectives / Divorce Investigations:

Sleuths India also has expertise in divorce investigation and we receive such cases on a regular basis. We have experienced matrimonial divorce detectives who have helped thousands of couples with their separation cases. Our focus with divorce cases is to help couples sort things out amicably and within the ambit of the law.

Our skilled matrimonial detectives are capable of doing the best and thorough investigation for divorce cases. We ensure that separation is smooth and hassle-fee. Clients can trust them whether for solving alimony cases or for gaining information on infidelity in marriage. Our detectives can gather evidence of extramarital affair after marriage and collect concrete proof to help settle divorce cases.

They can do financial background check on spouses to bring proof of income, assets, property etc. Like a top matrimonial detective agency, we check cases of bigamy or polygamy and to know whether the spouse has married again outside of the legal wife, or have offspring from the second marriage.

Our matrimonial verification is also for helping clients with child custody cases. In such investigation, our detectives gain information on the capability of the spouse to have child custody. We also check whether legal cases are running on the spouse or their family. As a top marriage detective agency, we also do investigation on gainful employment evidence on client to settle alimony cases.

Trust Sleuths India and its team for complete matrimonial investigation services with best results guaranteed.