Property Issues

Property Disputes:

Property disputes are a universal nuisance with an inglorious history dating back to millennia or even to the date from the existence of the mankind. Even our revered epics like the “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata” are filled with stories of discord of similar nature. In fact, time changes, generation changes, but what remains constant is the dispute over properties. Whether between family members or beyond the kinship ties, properties have always soured the bond and eroded the trust between loving people.

To be precise, being valuable in nature, property has always commanded a premium, which has also resulted in the subsequent greed in its owners, or those who don’t have it. As a result, disputes have always remained widespread across the globe over a piece of property, and today’s time is no different.

We, at Sleuths India, understand this whole “property dispute scenario”, and as of now, have gained quite a mastery over the domain. We are dealing such cases for long, and in most of them, the greed factor remains the foremost reason of the existence of the dispute, if any.

Whether it’s residential property or commercial ones, whether it’s a case of lands or of a piece of arable area – we have dealt with property disputes of varied nature. We’re hired for our experience in dealing with cases where the nature of property dispute is unceasing and both the involved parties are in no mood to cede an inch.

We are skilled and experienced enough to assess whether any fraud or forgery has been employed by any party to cause this property dispute. In fact, we give a great deal of emphasis to the “forgery angle” of papers and documents to establish the truth. We take all possible actions and steps to ensure that the property dispute thus ends and the much-needed settlement is reached.

Property Due Diligence:
Any piece of property has its rightful and legal owner who owns the papers of the ownership. However, in certain cases, bogus claims are made to seize that property from the hands of its authentic owner. Whether it’s inherited property or non-inherited one, we regularly witness cases of cheating crop up due to greed and “cheating angle”.

We, at Sleuths India, frequently get cases wherein a piece of property is claimed by two different people or two different parties, and as obvious one is lying. Such false claims are made on the basis of paper forgery and false documents to ensure cheating. In such cases, we undertake property due diligence wherein the actual ownership of the “said property” is ascertained.

Under property due diligence, we conduct a thorough research by examining property records at various government offices at district levels. With this step, we dig deeper to find past records, papers and documents to corroborate the claims of the right and bogus parties, both. After analyzing the available records, we then proceed with our modus operandi of solving the case, or taking due steps afterwards.

As of now, we have successfully solved cases where our property due diligence has brought forward all the required proofs and documents. Being a renowned private detective agency, we – at Sleuths India - ensure that modern gadgets and traditional methods are blended to fetch desirable results in cases involving property disputes.